[Change of Plans]

So, instead of waiting and waiting to change my LJ name, I just made a new one. I'll refriend alot of people of course; I just won't rejoin all the communities XD;

My new LJ name is l-hanabishi-l. I won't be friending people right away, so I can get some stuff organized, but I'll have a 'friends only' post where people can put a comment to be friended. It also helps in case I forget someone XD;


[Accepting Requests]

Hey guys, I'm accepting requests again (or commissions if you're feeling nice? ^^;;)

So lay 'em on me ;D I'll try to accept all of them if I can, but if I just can't seem to get the hang of drawing a certain character or well, whatever, then sorry if I decline! D: Don't be scared either, I can draw practically anything rating-wise ;D Try to stick to FMA mostly though, please. FMA or DGM. I can draw those best at the moment.

Please request in this form:

Characters and/or Pairing:
Keywords/Phrase to work off of:

Thanks, and I look forward to requests! : D (Friends-Only is off, so hit me~)
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Okay, so I'm starting off fresh on all my sites where I have accounts and such, so its only natural that I'm going to do the same here. I'm doing an f-list cut tonight. If you're taken off, I'm sorry, but I just don't know you well enough or I have my reasons for taking you of. Don't pester me about it either; it'll make me feel even less considerate >>;;

So anyways, I'll definitely be posting here later, so if you see it, then yay! If not, ^^;; It's my journal, my choice.
holy man!", "Your move

[*insert witty entry title here*]

So...other than the stuff I've been whining about recently...what have I been up to...

Getting more and more into .hack//roots, obviously. (PSSSST, IZZY BE HASEO WITH ME DAMNIT!!! XD) I was never huge on .hack//sign. I liked it, but it wasn't anything super great. I think that's mostly because it confused me XD; I didn't watch from the beginning like a normal person should. But anyways, I'm totally in love with Haseo's design (I always fall for the albino characters). I'll be cosplaying him once my belly's gone.

Oh yeah, I also added a super cool DMG uniform cosplay to my list XD; BUT! I need a Rinali~ albel if my Rabi, I'm Allen obviously, and yeah. We need a Rinali : 3 Anyways, so yeah, some other animes I've gotten into? Jyu oh Sei for starters. What an awesome show. Cosplaying Thor from that soon, of course XDD There's also Eureka Seven, which most of my friends don't seem to like much, but ah well ^^;; moofysue, you like it, so woot! XD; What else...Ouran is a like for me. Other than a simple Tamaki cosplay, I don't think I'll go much farther with it however.

Um...oh, I finally got a rainbow belt that I've always wanted : D My grandma being from Mississippi has no idea what the rainbow stands for here, so thank god XD; I just have to hide it around my dad. Which sucks. But yeah. I've been drawing still, but nothing inspiring or worth scanning to me. I hope I do get some good stuff soon though, so I can sell it at Reactor >>;; Dang, I need to send payment in for that. I'll have to leave a note for myself.

The FMA Sue/Crossover fanfic contest has started! Or well, the submitting is done, the voting has started ^_^ I'm competing in that, so hopefully I gain some good, constructive comments on it and learn to write better. Which by the way, ZOMG GOOD LUCK TO ALL CONTESTANTS : D

Damnit, I'm really mad about the whole Morton College art course thing.....I mean, the class gives me three college credits! That's a damn good start! ....isn't it? This has to be a good thing. This can't hurt me. My father has given not even a bad excuse for not letting me do this. He hasn't given me a reason PERIOD. I'm really lost on what to do. If I don't do something with art in my senior year, what's the American Academy of Art going to think? Oh look, no art senior year; I guess she's not as interested anymore...oh well *tosses transcripts* NO FUCKING WAY XO I am GOING to get into that school. THEY INVITED ME FOR GOD'S SAKE!

Guh....okay, this is turning into a pissy post XD; *rolls away*


OMG, I FOUND MY FAVORITE PLACE TO SING! : D IT'S WHEN I'M DRIVING ^^ I was singing Sakura Kiss and Guilty Beauty Love over and over on the way to my dad's XD; *loser*
holy man!", "Your move


Alright, so...I am calm....ish...

Woke up this morning early and went to Morton West to pick up my schedule. As I suspected, they put me down in a math class, so we got that taken off. But guess fucking what? NO ART CLASSES. NONE. Except for photography, which I don't even want to take. So my schedule damn well sucks. Then, my mom tried to cheer me up saying that I could do a college course, so we went to do it, but she just HAD to call my father. He said no, of course. So he's my shitfuck of the day, like he always is.

So yeah, the day sucked alot. Then my grandma came to get me and we went clothes shopping for school. I got some nice clothes and some kickaround stuff, and I thanked her alot for it and I am gratuitous about it, but I'm still not happy. At all. I mean, this has crossed the fucking line. My dad is holding me back from fucking education? FUCK THAT SHIT.

Yeah, I'm still mad XD; I'm gonna go...uh....relax...or something...>>


Anyone wanna go sometime soon down to the Shedd Aquarium to see some Komodo dragons? ^^;;
Angry Ed : O


Dear father figure,






No love, Dani.

Grooving Magic

[Bon Odori~]

So, today was interesting XD;

To start off, I thought I had wonderful, easy directions. I got lost XD; I ended up all the way out by Wisconsin, so once I got myself turned back around, I finally got to Mitsuwa at the late time of 2 pm @_@;; But, even so, I met up with albel, so we ran around like nuts to stores and trying to find my friends and ack XD It was non-stop walking! So after a little bit, we found gyu_kun and walked around a little with him. We had some oddly fun stuff going in the book store, so that was interesting XD; Lots of poking and squeeing and well, cd molesting XDD But, like I said, alot of fun. It was so nice to see my friends again and finally just be out with them.

Anyways! So then I ran into alistaere and we were oggling at quite a few books XD; Alas, we can barely read the Japanese, so we could barely tell what was what. Oh well; she had this awesome little kid with her that knew a bunch of characters from Bleach, which I admit was cute XD; And I'm not a big fan of kids! Right, so on we went, just walking around. We visited that grocery store quite a lot. I bought lots of yummy drinks XD Also, I ran into izuro, angst_kitty, and rowenstar. Oh! And their friend Jen, who I didn't really get to like, be aquainted with or anything, but someday! ^^;; But yeah, so we stood around for a bit while two of them got fortunes done. I'm sorry I barely got to hang with you guys ;_; I kept trying but, I don't know. I always get all quiet about it....I think the only person I was like, actually going crazy with and actually letting myself meet with was albel XDDD I don't know; our crazy minds just clicked 8D

So yes! Here's my pictures (the pathetic sum they are T_T 10 of the fest and one of some of my swag~)

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at

1. albel doing a oh noes~ pose XD
2. alistaere being all smarmy about it : 3
3. rowenstar in a Kikyo cosplay (it IS Kikyo, yes? ^^;;)
4. gyu_kun...doing...something? XDDD
5. Drummers
6. Drummers
7. Drummers
8. Drummers
9. Drummers
10. angst_kitty, izuro and rowenstar all doing an action pose, I guess? XD;
11. My swag~ A magazine, DGM Volume 8, Nana Vol 1 (because I guess I need to watch it XD;). It also came with a free poster, and it was only 8 bucks, so I figured I'd just get it ^^;;

So yeah, an altogether fun day. Sorry I had to leave so suddenly guys. I was already late and sort of in trouble ;_; To Izzy and Kat and Deb, I'm, again, super sorry for not hanging out that much and being like, isolated. I don't know why I get like that T_T Sorry sorry sorry!!! ;_;
Angry Ed : O

[I do this every time....]

Why can't I let myself be happy?

I always complain that I barely get out, and now that I can get out, I'm stopping myself.

What the hell is wrong with me?

In the end there's no point in me feeling this way because I end up having a good time.

Seriously, I'm an idiot for thinking this way. What the fuck?


Yeah, it's gonna be one of THOSE days.

Isn't it?